The secret life of music

This theme has been on my agenda many times before. I have written about it, made workshops around it, lectured about it. But it is time to stop being “about” or “around” and go straight to the POINT. I am now gathering all my old material, and “downloading” new substance.

My premise is that music is such a wonderful thing. And let´s stop right there! Wonderful = full of wonder.

But if we have lost the ability to feel wonder — and its cousins curiosity, astonishment, reverence, fascination — then it doesn´t really help that music is so wonderful. We (listeners,, receivers) need to be wonderful as well.

Or maybe wonder-empty, having an inner vacuum that longs to be filled with fantastic new revelations. If I have anything I have this vacuum. Music, after a long life together, still fills me with wonder. I am still thrilled by the thought “Let´s turn the page and see what musical surprises will jump at us….”

To be continued, as you understand. On this site and its sister site Melosophy (music-wisdom) and its blog Melosophics.

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