You exist

Lost again in the
dark forest
(I don´t mean
the Schwarzwald torte)

Trapped in the jungle
of confusing
terrifying thoughts

I turn left
turn right
blind alleys on each side

Monsters of the ID(isney)
are staring at me with neon eyes
running after me
clutching at my throat
sinking their claws into my heart

But there is an end to everything…

After total exhaustion
I give up and lie down
Sleep (a much better driver than I)
takes over the wheel


The forest is still dark
but sleep has dispersed
at least the worst phantoms

Between the almost impenetrable branches
a thin ray of light
a delicate whiff of hope

A thought, until now neglected and cast aside,
momentarily disperses the fog:

Things cannot be
all bad, since…

You Exist.

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