If I were on Facebook (the joy of sharing)

One of the boring things about not being on Facebook is the loss of the instant (more or less) joy of sharing.

Having found a great picture, article or video, and having thousands, or let´s be modest, hundreds of FB-friends shout “Wow, what a incredible thing that was!!” creates a nice (impressive might be a better word) energy.

You throw a stone into the pond of “social media” and huge, splashy waves spring out from the center. You play a sonata in a church with great acoustics [I did that some years ago, it was as if the best reverb in the world was turned on).  You yodel into a mountain range and never-ending echoes are thrown back at you.

= a clear connection between give and get back.

So what would I like to share if I was on Facebook? Right now this video, and this comment about it:The world has gotten old and many, many people have ruined it by giving immorality a baad name. Here the good name is restored in joyous Broadway gold rush manner.

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