Kitchen dandy

I approach him in the interval, between the first and second acts of Lohengrin. (No, I didn´t stay for the third. Enough is enough.) I noticed him right away when he entered the balcony. Two scarfs, a strange thing around his neck, the look of a dandy.

I go up to him: Hey, you look so elegant. He shines, and tells me about his clothes. He doesn´t call himself “artist” and the word dandy seems unfamiliar to him. But he has a female tailor, he tells me, and then recounts where all the stuff he is wearing come from. He is like a kitchen on two legs! There are spoons and strange forks sewn into his apparel. Seems that Italian Alessi cutlery is not only elegant, it is wearable, too.

He might not be an artist but he sure is a character. In another culture and time he might have be the center of attention, and conversation. Here at least he is the center of my attention.

I should have taken his photograph, or at least asked for his name or email address, but I didn´t. You just have to imagine him.

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