Change of tone

Sometimes people get hoarse, sometimes they lose their voice entirely, sometimes especially singers find something new inside themselves (perhaps thanks to a new teacher) and start to flower in grand style.

I like to think that my voice has softened. I´ve often gotten compliments for my speaking voice. You have such a radio voice, etc.

But it´s not my speaking voice I am talking about, but my human voice. I may be soft-spoken but I am not soft-thinking. The harsh mode, the stern, severe and austere critical tone has been my hallmark.

Now I see good reason to change it. Actually, life has changed it for me (one does not change a long-standing pattern for any old reason).

I don´t remember who said it, “try to grow straight and life will bend you”. That might sound harsh and severe. But consider another quote, by Gaudi. “There are no straight lines or sharp corners in nature. Therefore, buildings must have no straight lines or sharp corners.”

I also don´t want no straight lines and sharp corners. Water and plant, not stone, is my new ideal. I want to be a Gaudi balcony!

However, since I don´t want to turn into a daffodil, l reserve the right to shout (KATSU!!) and scream at appropriate moments.

Keep in mind (or put in mind) that Bach´s first Prelude in Das wolhtemperierte Klavier consists of two thirds dissonance, yet is it one of the most harmonious pieces there is.

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