Today even a parenthesis looks like a heart

Cruel joke from
the bad old days:

“Goodday. I would like to return
this mobile phone.

-What´s wrong with it?

-It never rings!

-Sir, you need to have friends too”

I usually turn off my mobile nowadays
(it never rings)

Today I turned it on

Rationally speaking, just because some people are single cannot be a reason for those not single not to celebrate their non-singleness. The aggravated loneliness of a few is not reason enough to brake the joy of the many. Still, it´s a pity they cannot coexist: the joy of the single and the pair.

Today I turned it on

The victory of hope
over experience
victory of self-pity
over generosity?

(Why don´t you call someone?
Why don´t YOU send a heart?)

What time is it?
Two hours left…
There is still hope.


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