The small questions

Philosophical minded folks (like me) often forget that Big is not better. The Big Questions can be anything but good, they are often pretentious and also impossible to answer (which is one reason for their perennial popularity; we will be able to argue about them for many more long winter evenings…).

I recently talked with the wife of a very good and important friend who passed away  in cancer. How do you cope, I asked her.

Fine, she said, and then – Do you know the hardest bit,  what I miss the most? Coming home and there is somebody who says: How are you? How has you day been? Tell me about it!

These are the small but oh so important questions. Forget the meaning of life and the universe. Forget Truth. All you want to do is to tell somebody you love that your day has been gray and monotonous. Or that you have been at the dentist and she carved around in your face for two hours, with no anaesthetic (your choice), and now your skull feels like a war zone.

How wonderful to be able to recount unimportant details about your life to an interested listener!


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