The (Sh)or(l)acle

When shortening with Shorl (“shorlifying”) the URL for my “poem” about Valentine´s Day, this is what Shorl came up with:

With my interest in oracles I am fascinated by seemingly random letters and toys like this.

magnetic letter wheels2

“Having fun, Guuemfdtm? Fotaleasl!”

In the jumble “tityfridunone” I find the following nuggets of meaning, even Valentine meaning.

Starting from the end: tityfridunone. Yes, loneliness is what that poem was about.

tityfridunone There it comes again, one in another language. Now we have two ones. Less lonely.

tityfridunone Frid = peace in Swedish.

tityfridunone Here things get seemingly naughty, but not really. Tit >> breast >> heart.  Right on, oracle!

Put it together: One plus one make a pair. Peace in the heart.

Or forwards: The heart is at peace when two are united (unone).

The Oracle has spoken. So mote it be!

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