Science has destroyed the best of religion

Something very regrettable has happened in this scientific era of ours.

Our “religious questions” (as so much else) have gone binary.

Does God exist?

This, together with similar Yes-No questions like “Was there a historic Jesus?” are now our “religious” questions.

Sorry, they are in no way religious; they are scientific (if even that)

A religious question, if you ask me, is How should we live? That is a question aimed at ourselves, not a matter of proving this or that point. An inner question, pointing not to others but to our own behavior.

How shall I live? is a question of ethics.

Thus a question for our heart.

But science cannot handle the heart. It has no instruments for measuring ethics (and what cannot be measured and quantified is out), and for science the heart is a mere pump and muscle.

Meaning that science does not see very far, and that in our world the radical root questions (concerning US, not THEM) are being replaced by narrow, nerdy attempts at proving and disproving things, not living a truth.

Much talk, little walk. Little ethics, much mathematics.

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