Dangerous diary

I pass a shop window and what do I espy there? A warning against keeping a diary. Apparently it can kill you!

Well, almost.  I thought it said “Diarium” but when I look more closely it says “Djarum”. Which is a cigarette.

I don´t smoke, haven´t been able to start the habit (tried for years), but I sure would have bought this package if it really was called “Diarium”.

I might buy it anyhow. Seems this is a clove cigarette, perhaps easier to get addicted to than the regular ones.

And when I find the following on YouTube, I, avid for tasting — wine, cheese, perfumes and especially music — realize that there is such a thing as cigarette tasting.

But I only give him 3 of 10 for smoking in a car.

So, keeping a diary still seems to be a non-lethal pleasure. I´ll continue for a while, trying to keep it short to get a tasting (not eating) effect. As our cigarette reviewer says: “That cinnamon one, I didn´t really like it but it was a great experience.”

Thus speaks a real taster!

But of course there are dangers with keeping a diary.

A tempting illusion: there is some intrinsic value in writing things — almost anything, an association or flimsy reflection — down. Actually it can be a way of losing values.

Writing something down is often a way of getting rid of it.  Like going to the toilet. That explains the pleasantly surprised reaction to older texts. “Did I really write that…? I am impressed.”

Maybe you shouldn´t be: you managed to forget all about it. Retaining all small and large insights one has had, now that would be impressive.

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