Christmas (touched by a non-commercial feeling)

Many of our holidays are family-dependent; without kin they are, if not empty, somehow less enjoyable. This doesn´t mean that if you have a large or even small family, holidays are automatically enjoyable — they can be torturous (speaking from experience). But at least you will be without that lonely feeling that family-less people are prone to. At least you will not be bored. Just check out all the family drama in Bergman movies.

Some of us go deep into the meaning of Christmas, put it into a larger context. Some only see it as a reason to connect with family, give and receive Christmas presents, make money on people buying Christmas presents, or simply an excuse to (over)eat. I mean, I´ve never felt as full as at the (admittedly fantastic) “julmiddagar” that my dear publisher David used to hold at Hotel Grand in Lund, Skåne.

Without intending to I happened to be drawn into a julbord yesterday, very far from Lund. And I noted that without necessarily involving religion, family or food orgies Christmas can be a moment of friendly, positive and warm energy. I was, guards down, touched.

May you who read this be similarly, or differently, touched by the “spirit of Christmas”. Touched by a special, non-standardized, extra-ordinary, non-commercial feeling.

The spirit of Christmas
The spirit of Christmas?

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