Musical favorites: Alex Harvey

Alex Harvey might not be a well known name, but some of his songs are “hits”, a word that, when denoting something positive and not violent,  could well be changed to “hugs”.

Especially the first song below is a soft, warm, sad “hug”. We all need one sometimes. (If you watch it on YouTube you can see the lyrics.)

Alex Harvey, especially on his two LPs “Alex Harvey” (1971) and “Souvenirs” (1973) is for me a slightly hairy chested soul, a voice that enters the room with dirty shoes but brings something pure. Not pure as in aseptic, streamlined or Photoshopped but as in pure tobacco, maybe pure malt whisky. And he doesn´t have to put “sensational” in front of his name.

Another favorite of mine is “Reuben James” (from the LP Souvenirs) sung by himself in his gruff voice.

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