Why pluriverse?

People tell me that my double CD “Life´s a beach, and then you swim” is torn between styles, alternatively very varied.

I called it my musical “pluriverse”.

Life´s a beach

As to being varied, I find this quote in “Parallel universes” by Emily Baumbach.

“In your normal waking state, you´re only using about 1 % of the potential of you Essence. The other 99 % of your Essence is hanging out, drumming its fingers, waiting for something interesting to happen.”

Drumming fingers indeed. Let´s say I tried to use at least 2 % of my musical potential. This is also a force behind having so many domains, doing so many different things. Le mot juste is heterogeneous.

Instead of goal-oriented profiling, with all the boring specialization that goes along with that, doing something interesting.

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