Up, up and away

I never reflected about it really, but now realize that birds, many birds, migrate. What a wonderful thing to do!

When the weather or the conditions for living change and you no longer have fun, you gather your gang, do a couple of practice flaps and… off you fly — to some nicer place with better drinks and ladies and song and parties.

What a laudable hedonism. Do not accept boredom and lousy climate, follow the Pleasure principle. As some young Swedish “visionaries” put it, when IT and the New Economy was in full swing: Kräv kul! That is, demand and insist, not just hope, that life should be fun.  (I criticized that attitude, but later realized how much good thinking there was in it.)

Of course, I now also realize when I think more about it that people also migrate during the winter. Many people spend the cold months in Spain or some other warm country.  For some reason it never struck me that I could do that, too. Now, finally, it does, with the force of a hammer.

So, let´s gather the gang (whoever they are), let´s do a couple of practice flaps… and OFF WE GO!

Högt ovan jordens fjättrande bojor flyger vi...
Högt ovan jordens fjättrande bojor flyger vi…

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