The voice is the mirror of the soul

I am lying on a bed, getting magnetic treatment for my back. I am surrounded by voices, mostly old, some slow, some energetic.

A voice in particular captures my interest. It is a women, around 50 or 60. I can´t see her but, strangely, I can see her. Her voice paints a picture for me.

This is not a scientific experiment so I cannot verify that my impressions are true. But for me it is interesting enough that from a mere voice comes so many impressions.

“Mere” is a way to put the voice down, subordinate it on the ladder of the senses. You are supposed to see so much in a person´s eyes — the “windows of the soul”. Generally, the visual sense is supposed to give us rich information about a person´s psyche. But possibly we are underestimating the role of hearing. I think I have been doing that, even though I am a musician with a trained ear.

While I follow this woman´s voice with great interest I ask myself if I am just making things up. Or maybe I can really hear her character in the vibrations of her speech: A certain cynicism, control of others, coldness, the color grey, a scheming trait — this is what I fathom in her voice, the mirror of her character.

I will pay closer attention to voices forthwith.

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