The fence

Looking over the fence, a multifaceted thing.

One can do it with envy; Why is the grass greener over there…?? An important factor here is that we wonder about the greener grass without knowing so much, or perhaps anything, about it. We imagine or think it is greener. So actually we are standing on both sides of the fence, in our own attire and in disguise. Nice make-believe, this. If not torturous.

But there are positive ways of looking over the fence as well. Imagining what we want to create, do or be. This is no weird masquerade but rather a projecting and willing of a certain future. The fence in this case is time; today on this side, tomorrow on that. Ah, how wonderful it will be next week when I land at Shangri-La Airport…..!!

Then there´s Cole Porter´s  “Don´t fence me in”. This fence is neither time or make-believe, it´s about being locked in.

But it is also a dream .-)

I want to ride to the ridge where the West commences

Gaze at the moon till I lose my senses

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