The Even Stranger Case of Ms Jekyll and Mr Hyde

I don’t like the F-word but I am going to use it. (I dislike it for good, peaceful reasons; the word nowadays has conflict, opposition and explosives built into it. It is like a bomb or a mine; watch your step, or it might explode in your face.)

So, feminism has updated Stevenson.

“The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” in its new version is no longer about a man who’s moral character swings between ethical and monstrous, no longer about our good and bad side.

Jekyll and Hyde- The Old Version.

That picture could of course be transposed to women as well, who also have a fair and a dark shadow side.

Could, but can no longer.

The old model contained four positions, male Jekyll & Hyde and female Jekyll & Hyde. But four positions are too many for radical feminists.

Two is enough. It is no longer a question about the good and bad man or the good and bad woman, but the good and bad sex.

Man IS the monster.

Counting to 4 always was a hassle. Binary 2 makes life so much easier. At least to feminists.

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