The breathing of bar pianists

One of my favorite hangouts has a bar pianist. Unfortunately, because even when these pianists are good (and some of the magyar ones are great), they disturb the air waves, the silence.

This particular pianist has the bad habit of not breathing. I mean that between one song and the next there is almost no pause. He has the interesting opportunity to make both music and silence golden, so to say; this is one thing that a good bar or cafe musician can do.

But to do this, one has to breathe. In and out, music and silence, silence and music. That way both the break after a few songs, and the new song after a short break, feel refreshing and welcome.

Playing 8-10 songs in a row without a break, well, that only makes the silence feel refreshing.

PS: I played piano myself for some years at Vetekatten in Stockholm so I know about breathing exercises.

Impromptu med dopp
Moment musical with latte

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