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Here’s how you can be more than a spectator in this World Wide Web which so often reduces people to surfers, voyeurs, consumers.

You can actually be my partner.

Partner and partnering can mean many things. We can marry (a very limited offer, that one ,-), start a business together or co-author a book. Or maybe play four-handed music together (yes, I am a pianist).

We can make a joint project around PEACE, which is my main occupation nowadays.

There are also less obvious ways to partner. We can have an interesting, mutually benefiting (what I call interligent) conversation. And If I write a book and you read it we are also partners. I give, you receive, Yang-Yin fashion.

Same thing if you listen to my compositions. Listeners are important partners.

If I write a book and you buy it and read it we are even more partners. Then your financial contribution makes it possible for me to keep writing and puts food on my table. Today when almost everything on the Net is free it is easy to forget that food still isn’t.

In this give and take-process, this partnership not in crime but in creation, I use different tools.

1) FLATTR A Sweden based “social micropayment service” that enables online content consumers to financially reward creators for their fantastic creations. Here is my Flattr page.

2) SWISH. You can transfer money through telephone, to number: 0765-740140

3) PATREON. This is a modern, rather American, incarnation of the old idea of patronage.

These are the areas I work in.

  • P E A C E  R E S E A R C H  (The Venusian Peace Project; Whole-Note)
  • M u s i c (Composer Ladislaus Horatius; Music Tasting; Journey to Melosophia)
  • M a g a z i n e s (Headwind; FIMUM (in Swedish))
  • T h e  a r t  o f  p a r t i e s (Partyology)
  • P h i l o s o p h y  a n d  i n t e l l i g e n c e (Upgrade to intelligence)
  • P h o t o g r a p h y (The Gentleman Photographer)
    So, do you wanna dance?.

T h e  p r o j e c t s  i n  d e t a i l
Let’s start off with the Swedish magazine.

FIMUM Gazette, ett kulturmagasin om filosofi, musik och umgänge

Du har redan know-how och insider-information? Gå då vidare och stötta med en dollar för att gå utanför burken och också skaffa outsiderinformation. HEMSIDA   //  PATREON

THE VENUSIAN PEACE PROJECT, innovation and independent peace research

If you want to do more for peace and planetary harmony than the same old routines — namely support an individual who does original, independent research — fund with one dollar on Patreon.  HOMEPAGE  // PATREON

COMPOSER LADISLAUS HORATIUS, my music + views on the role of music creation today

If you want to get inside the head of a living, rather atypical modern composer, fund with one dollar on Patreon. My composer channel on YouTube // PATREON 

Upgrade to interligence, regenerating mere intelligence

Intelligence has a good name in our world, actually too good a name when you objectively consider that its fruits can be benign, neutral and really malignant. Interligence is a dialect, if you will, of intelligence where the bad parts are rooted out. If the positive possibilities of “defanged” intelligence interest you, fund with a dollar on Patreon. HOMEPAGE  //


That’s a bit silly, most of what I do is against some kind of grain, but you know what I mean… If you want to peruse writing beyond viral and populist, fund with a dollar on Patreon.  HOMEPAGE // CLICK HERE

MUSIC TASTING, A novel way of listening/ musical mindfulness

The sphere of music (as so much else today) is too Yang oriented. Everything is about products and productions. We talk about music, CD-s, performances, remixes, interpretation but often leave out the Yin aspect – listening and perception. If you are interested in findings about how to approach music in a novel manner, almost as if it was wine, fund with a dollar. HOMEPAGE // CLICK HERE

partyology, the art and science of refined party life

Parties and social intercourse are often too coarse and primitive. How to regain the enjoyment and finesse of yesteryear? Fund with a dollar if news about this interests you. HOMEPAGE // CLICK HERE

Journey to Melosophia: adventures and explorations in Music-land

Another musical project of mine, not only concerned with listening but more generally with the musical domain. We often think music is a known and explored continent. I hold that there are still mysteries to unravel, even about Ravel. Fund with a dollar if you want to partner in this exploration. HOMEPAGE // CLICK HERE


This is so new it still has no Patreon page, just an introductory home page. Watch out for developments, this is where my best ideas will see the light of the computer monitor. WHOLE NOTE

PS: As you can see some projects are currently somewhat passive. It is hard to juggle with eight balls, sometimes three is a lot. Also, areas that do not generate income are sometimes deserted for those that do. That’s life sometimes.

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