Musical time travel

Auf flügeln des gesanges, on the wings of song — the picture of music as an aeroplane (or bird) is common. This can be especially fascinating when it comes to music of long dead cultures, like ancient Greece, where the flight is in time (not space).

One can take a musicological stand and ask  “Did it really sound like this?” or “What are the sources? Let´s compare.”.

Or one can, as I do, just press Play and let the sounds wash over us.

Partial, imperfect time travel is also time travel, perhaps even more interesting than the real thing.

Imagine if we had a functioning time-machine and could eaves-drop on Beethoven, Liszt or Chopin playing, or Jenny Lind singing. It could be a great experience, or a great disappointment. With fantasy there is no collision with reality; hence no disappointment.

So, fifty two minutes of Ancient Greece seen in a veiled mirror. Only inner turbulence, no seat belts required.

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