Morning stroll in B-pest

What´s up in Budapest?

It´s raining sunshine.

Raining sunshine

And what time it is?

It´s a quarter to cake.

Five to cakeThen a guy stops me in the street. No, actually I stop and ask him for a brochure. We talk for about 15 minutes. I have to say I respect people who take the risk of being unpopular — and doubly respect people who risk being doubly unpopular.

“Have you ever grieved when a piece or art was marred or destroyed?” Frankly I believe very few of us have.

“God feels the same way about us.” Well, at least one guy cares.

And look at the bottom. Address: 60 Haight street, San Francisco! The freewheeling spirit lives on….

After-cake is followed by opera. Which opera? Mine, of course.





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