Looking rich, looking poor

Dear P. A. Montata gives me interesting feedback when discussing my future plans for Patreon.

“Your friend Dag, well he looks like a poor guy, with little money. But how do you imagine people will sponsor you, when you sit there at your sidewalk café, drinking latte and munching on your saucy cake? People think you are RICH, why would they give money to you…?”

Good question. I think I have a great allergy towards begging and a problem with “looking poor”. Asking for and accepting help from friends is different, no problem with that.

But to play the pauper and strike up the pity me-pose for strangers so that they part with their money…. No, I am too proud for that.

I try to keep an old tradition alive: when you lack money the most, dress like a millionaire.

Trying hard to look rich
Trying hard to look rich

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