L2L (the loneliness business)

I have been lonely a large part of my life. Correction, I´ve felt lonely. You can be the first without the other, and the other without the first. Feelings are not always dependent on outernity.

The things we do for love, sang 10cc. Well, what about the things we do cause we feel lonely? For some of us loneliness is so awful that we do almost anything to flee this hungry wolf.

Clearly, those are not the lone wolfs among us.

Others are more hardy and can take more loneliness — before giving in to digital drugs (tek). Oh, how well the peddlers, I mean pushers, of “social media” understand loneliness… What would they do, I mean how would they earn their millions, without lonely people sitting by themselves in front of electrosmog spewing computers, managing their “friend lists” and updating their “status”?

The Beatles asked: Where do all the lonely people come from? Where they GO nowadays is no mystery.

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