Facebook metaphors

I am always looking for metaphors for Facebook. When I joined some years ago I was quite happy about the whole thing, fascinated with this system of contacting friend’s friend’s friends.

That was our honey-moon. Thing are less rosy now.

Here is a current metaphor for FB-discussions about sensitive subjects. Or maybe I should say discussing with sensitive, touchy subjects.


I haven’t been a soldier, haven’t been in a war. But I DO know what it’s like to walk on a minefield. Talk about gender, migrants, SD or homeopathy on Facebook and…boom. Boooomm! Booomm!!!


Another Facebook metaphor points to the avant-gardist John Cage. In his classical book “Silence” he wrote “I have nothing to say and I am saying it.”

No comment.

Third metaphor: THE MOUSE TRAP

Imagine that you are mouse. No, not a computer mouse, I mean the small rodent that runs around in the attic at night.

Now imagine that people who don’t like mice have set a trap for you. With yummy Swiss CHEESE! You enjoy the cheese but pay for it dearly, with your life.

Discussions (especially “heated” discussions) on Facebook can be in a similar way traps, energy and time-traps. You come away angry and totally exhausted and ask yourself “Why, oh why did I nibble that cheese…?”

Maybe you “won” the discussion, but you totally lost the fight energy-wise.

Which reminds me of the robust old proverb from former, less politically correct and more courageous times: “If you wrestle with a turd you will be beshit whether you fall over or under.”

Moments before the heated discussion breaks out…

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