Musical favorites: Doppio Concerto

What follows here I consider to be one of the great works of the 20th century.

Hans Werner Henze´s Double concerto for oboe and harp was written for Heinz and Ursula Holliger. This is a superlative recording with Paul Sacher conducting Collegium Musicum. (Sacher also commissioned the work, I believe.)


Perhaps I should say something about the music. It has always reminded me of white marble, Greek gods, a breeze blowing from a frozen sea and dim memories of lovers from former lives.

I find it irresistibly attractive, which makes me, as is often the case with strong attraction, disinclined to analyze, dissect or even comment. When something is wholly beautiful, why perform surgery?

Duration: ca. 30 minutes. I humbly suggest concentrated listening, without detracting multitasking.

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