Inside the box (Une Saison en Enfer)

I haven’t felt well for the last two days and I know exactly why: I went out into cold weather with too little clothes.

The result is fever, insomnia, pain in most of my body, including head, jaws and teeth. Been there before, it’s over in two days.

What is interesting is that dreams are also affected; they turn boxy and repetitive.

Now hell is not something that I think a lot about. It’s a four letter word, maybe there is no reality corresponding to the word. However, dreams such as these — the same or similar chunks of action repeating again and again, assembled as LEGO bricks, turning round and round, not getting anywhere, as being stuck in a roundabout — are my idea of hell.

You are inside a box and there is no way you can get out. At least so it feels. In such a case the thought and realization “nothing lasts forever” comes to the rescue.

Thomas Burke: The Nightmare

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