What do you need to build a house? Material, tools, builders, a blueprint…

Building peace is not easier. Here we need SKILLS as well.

I more and more believe that peace is not well understood, even misunderstood. We need to revise our old models. Also, we need to build a micro-model of it before we can talk of world peace. That way we will understand it on a regional, even private level before moving towards national and global.

I understand that this can sound as a game. And why not? With all our war-games, let us play a peace game for a change! (Mankind has learned to love war and conflict too much.)

The outlines of this “training game” that build new peaceful skills, that can make us “peace walkers”, are shown in the following text. Please contact me for further developments.

Ladislaus Horatius

DOCUMENT: Upgrade to global intelligence (Ladislaus Horatius)

PS: Please note that this form of the document was an entry for the Global Challenges Foundation. Due to health I cannot rewrite it currently, but it contains the gist of the matter.

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Peace is from Venus

Again and again I return to the subject of peace. (Here’s another text.)

Peace is mysterious. I am not talking about “inner peace” now, but peace on earth. The two are very probably related.

The mystery about peace is that it is a mystery. We don’t what peace is. Small chance that we could find it, establish it and bring it about, without knowing what it is.

How can we have dreamed so much of peace, wished for it, desired it, without understanding what it is?

But wait, what it IS sounds like peace is something definite and delimited, like a piece of coal or a piece of pie or a piece of music. “Peace” is perhaps just a word and a container, and the question is what WE fill it with.

I see peace as a fancy package under a Christmas tree. I open it up and.. it is empty. No, sorry, there is something there. A note, saying “This is not war.”

Hm, I had hoped for more.

Another scenario: I open the fancy package, this time quite heavy. I am sure there is something in it. Yes, a note saying “Balance of power”. And a hand grenade.

So mote it be!
Peace under construction


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