Hurray for IKEA

“The Achilles Heel of modern intelligent robots appears to be the baffling world of Ikea furniture.”

Says this article in Daily Mail about Betty the Robot, I mean office manager.

Smile, you are on Betty camera!

Interestingly enough Betty (Happy Betty) is also the name of the evil dame — not a robot herself  but turning humans into robots, NOT nice! — in the Italian movie Supervip and Minivip.

Watch this episode and be transposed into one possible (robot-filled) future.

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The rise of the machines has begun

Check out this video, fittingly presented by a robot voice.

Self-Learning Robot Escapes Testing Ground

I hope we don´t have to read sometime soon “Human escaped in Roboville”, but am not sure of it.

Note the cuteness of  Promobot. This is how they are designed to elicit positive emotions, attraction, acceptance and good-will.

After that phase they will show their real selves.

Then humans will regret their blindness, having so easily given in to this childish cuteness-mania, fostered on sites like Facebook.

Ohh…. Look at all those CUTIES!!

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