Vinegary quote

I am a musician. Rather proud of that, at times. I do feel that we musicians are somehow, in some respects, special. Not necessarily Jedis — but the risk of our falling into the clutches of the Dark Side is small.

Well, aint´everybody in love with their own kinsfolk?

Therefore it is sobering and refreshing (like a glass of water thrown in one´s face) to read these words, from a musician no less.

One is so often misled into thinking that because a man or a woman has embarked on a career like music, that is sufficiently far removed from the avocations of the multitude, he will for that reason be a person of rather more than ordinary interest, of rather more than ordinary force of character, individuality of outlook and independence of judgment. Vain delusion! In most cases, except for the fact that he is a musician he might be anybody, with anybody’s ideas about anything, as avid and uncritical a mopper-up of press dope as the generality; and to sum up, with no qualities of mind or personality that make any time passed in his neighbourhood, let alone in his company, anything other than spiritually and morally profitless, a waste, null and void. (Kaikhosru Sorabji)

So where do we go from here? Maybe in the direction of defiance. Let´s make Sorabji wrong and never mop up press dope (whatever that means).

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