Photo – presentation

I have always been unable to let a camera alone. Several kilos of old analog pictures testify to this fact.

You wouldn´t want to see them, though. I was not a “natural”, whatever that is. Not as with music or words/ thoughts.

But some four years ago I felt an urge to develop my creativity with images. Sometimes I´ve said to myself that I want to be a “real” photographer (no longer so). I have tried to fathom the mystery “What is a good photo?”. I am not longer interested in neither the “real” or the “good”.

Actually I am! To 100 %. But those questions no longer fire me up.

Here you will see some of my photos, and some of my musings about photography. I have felt a great enthusiasm at the outset of my journey of discovery in the pictorial domain, in many ways very unlike the domains of music and thought.

Enjoy or suffer, but above all LOOK.

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Diarium – presentation

Already when I first started “blogging” some years ago (actually two entire blogs have been launched and removed) I preferred the word diarium (diary) to “blog”. That word rhymes with frog and smog, while diarium, well, “Sorry, no perfect rhymes were found”.

The influence and inspiration is still the same, though: Amiel and the Goncourt Brothers. If you want to read beautiful “blogging”, read their diaries. (The Goncourt Bros. wrote their diary together! The reader has to guess which one of them is speaking. Imagine having a brother that is so close to you that you write as one…)

So, as tradition goes, almost anything will fit into my diary, as long as it´s short, informal and incidental.


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