A painful letter

[A letter to N.]

Dear N.

I will come out of the closet and admit that when I go the dentist I often feel like Superman. I practically never ask for anaesthetic. Last time she carved around in my mouth for some hours, still I asked for no injection.

Another dentist told me that strong somatotonics always want anaesthetic. They seem so strong, these body-builder types, but it´s guys like me, thin cerebrotonics, who can really stand pain.

There, I have now confessed my pride.

Maybe I should say arrogance as well, for who out of us two can take pain best? How often does my dentist pain occur? Twice a year, for some hours. But what about your pains? You are a woman, you have periods, something I know nothing about. You have headaches, migraines and all kinds of other pains. I have none of that.

Put my rare dentist pain beside your often recurring pains, and ask who can bear them best. That will be YOU.

This insight came to me the other day when I for some reason had severe cramps in my stomach for several hours. I thought, “God, is this what is feels like to give birth…?”. Possible not, because giving birth can go on for days.

I don´t want that pain back, but I thank it for the insight it gave birth to; the question of “weaker sex” is at least debatable, more probably upside down. At least when it comes to the capacity to bear physical pain best YOU, my dear, are the stronger one.

all my love


I don´t want anaesthetic either.
     I don´t want anaesthetic either.


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Balthazar Rediviva

I love the Professor Balthazar series. Wonderful music, crazy adventures, tales that speak to children (I guess) as well as the children in adults. (How was it Liberace said? The difference between the men and the boys is the price of their toys.)

Balthazar is the Inventor, distant relative to Gyro Gearloose (Oppfinnarjocke) in Donald Duck. It says something (a lot, I´m afraid) about the cold, humorless world of Wikipedia to call him (Gyro) an “an anthropomorphic chicken”.

I think the Balthazar series is over, but here´s a new invention worthy of the Great Professor.

And here´s the Professor himself, in a wonderfully Taoistic adventure (Swedish text). Mission: creating holes!

(Original Croatian version.)

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Soul food

What is the point of classical music?

One “point” is to nourish our soul, the still, ethereal part of ourselves. This, more aggressive and pushy music cannot do. What is still cannot feed on restlessness and ants in my pants-nervousness. Even less on violence and intrusion.

Of course, not only classical music has stillness and Yin, but generally it has much more of it than other genres. It inspires us to turn inward and leave Outernity. Just look at this dream which haunts you still…

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